Home Office affairs


Ace Cleaning have been keeping Jersey homes and offices clean since 1987. Since then they have experienced a big change in the industry. The cleaning business has become very competitive so it’s important for Ace Cleaning to maintain awareness of their services.

Recently they popped in to our office requesting we produce a promotional A5 leaflet to target both home and office clients. An hour later, after a nice cup of coffee we recommend that there was more they could do to tap into the household and business psyche.

The households solution: Chocolate brown Labrador. The concept was to avoid Ace Cleaning’s leaflet from being thrown in the bin. Put it this way, if you had two carpet cleaning brochures through your door both offering the same deal, one with an image of a carpet cleaning machine (boring) and one with a choccy Labrador, which one would you keep? You wouldn’t throw the cute dog in the bin would you?

The Business solution: Reliability that keeps going. To keep costs down we purchased and retouched an office image creating one that disappears into infinity. When looking for a new cleaning provider businesses want a professional, reliable and cost effective solution and we wanted to create an image that delivered this reassurance.

By the way the choccy Lab has proved very popular especially on Facebook.