KISS – Keep It Simple Simons

simple-simons-cup-and-cardSimple Simons Sandwich Bar approached us to revitalise their logo. The thing is, although it was in need of some TLC, their logo had been around for a considerable amount of time, making it instantly recognisable locally. So this pose the question – Tweak the logo, refresh it or completely change it?

We felt that a complete change would reflect a change of management. So our recommendation was to refresh the logo by simplifying the form whilst maintaining the essence of the old logo.  The resulting design is more simplistic with a typeface that is clear and easy to read.

We replaced green with burgundy and orange. Burgundy stimulating metabolism, heart rate, warmth and stability. With orange combining the energy of red and the happiness of yellow; representing enthusiasm, happiness and success.

Cups and loyalty cards are the latest additions to Simple Simons’ marketing collateral. Now more or less every customer advertises their brand whilst walking back to work.

All supported by a very cost effective CMS website solution allowing Simple Simons to update the content on a daily basis.

simple-simons-logosimple-simons-cup-closeup simple-simons-booklet simple-simons-website