Keeping the plates spinning


When a client asks us to build them a blog we always say (warn them) that blogs are hungry beasts. You have to have a strategy in place outlining topics, themes, regularity of posts and more importantly, what you what to achieve from blogging.

We set up our blog primarily to let people know what Adapt Design is up to in Jersey, whilst at the same time helping Adapt Design range highly on page one of Google. However, even we have fallen victim to the pitfalls we make our clients aware of. Yes we have a blog strategy because we know how valuable a blog can be, but still we fail! That’s because our clients come first. And with that comment I think I may have induced a yawn or slap on the forehead. But it’s true, whilst at the same time a poor excuse.

We all endeavour to keep the plates spinning but it’s inevitable that the odd one will start to wobble. So which ones do you focus on? Of course it has to be your client or customer plates. And for us, the odd smash of an Adapt Design blog plate is acceptable collateral damage in the battle of the deadlines. It’s not ideal but we can always get a new plate and start it spinning again. However, getting a new ‘client’ plate is a little tougher!

If you’re having the same problems don’t feel too guilty, just start spinning again and limit the breakage. And if you’re thinking of starting a blog for your business accept that it’s not going to be perfect even with the best laid plans. But it can be great if you’re willing to work at it.

Have a happy blogging year. I hope 2014 brings the success you’ve planned for.