For goodness sake!


The majority of us are victims of long working hours, demanding kids or lack of free time. This inevitably means grabbing something quick for lunch, snacking in between meals or popping something in the micro when we get home. So how can we change our ways and eat healthily? Well if you haven’t guessed by the pictures, you go to The Natural Kitchen of course!

The Natural Kitchen is the brain child of two lovely ladies Susie and Gabby. When they approached us to help launch the new venture we couldn’t wait to get stuck in, and that’s exactly what we did. We were treated to trial their 3 day plan to gain a better understanding of what they were going to offer their customers. We certainly didn’t go hungry.

Inspired by an array of flavours, and feeling detoxed, but in a good way, we set to work designing flyers, menu cards, website, stickers & labels and a carrier bag. We are pleased to say that The Natural Kitchen get busier every day, and we wish them luck for the future.

the-natural-kitchen-infocards the-natural-kitchen the-natural-kitchen-website the-natural-kitchen-flyer